Monday, May 28, 2007

Wine Country, Here We Come!!!

Well, Julia is still in town, so we had another amazing day out. This time we took a trip to wine country! The landscapes are so beautiful in Northern California. Sorry to say this is yet another pic heavy post. I can't help it, I am awed by beauty.

Our first stop was Francis Ford Coppola's Winery. The place was just breathtaking!

I have a weakness for lavender, so I had to snap a shot of the lovely bush. Also, here is a shot of the award case inside the building.

We did a wine tasting there and I must say I enjoyed it. I have a bottle of Sofia Blanc De Blanc as a memento of the occasion. It was just perfect. I was very impressed with this winery. I recommend getting there early though, because by the time we were leaving, the place was jammed pack!

Out on their patio, we enjoyed the scenery and a bite to eat. The food was delicious! Their very own grapeseed oils, and pasta sauce was exquisite. I just kept dipping the fresh rosemary baked bread in the garlic grapeseed oil. Yummy!!!

Another highlight of the day for me was The Korbel Champagne Cellars. I loved having the tasting here because I have always loved Korbel. It is the bottle I reach for most often when a celebration calls for some bubbly. I was very impressed with their selection of the sparkling goodness. I hadn't realized there were so many. My absolute favorite was the Rose, I just wish I could find it in stores. It was scrumptious and sweet. I really liked their Sherries as well. It was like candy lol.

We did visit a few others throughout the day, though none worthy of mention I am afraid. At those we did not linger.

Except here at the Martinelli's Winery, where we stopped for a break in their vineyard and feasted on some homemade cheesecake:) It was a day of sweetness.

After all that we decided to take the scenic way home. California Highway One. What the perfect end to a wonderful day.

We did stop along the way here, and there to walk on the beach and admire the scenery.

It was very cold out on the shore, we were all bundled up, but that didn't stop me from kicking off my shoes and walking in the water. Of course this led to my feet going completely numb for awhile lol, but definitely worth it!

What a great Day this was!

Thanks for letting me share it with you.

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