Sunday, August 12, 2007

My English Ivy - Hedera Socks

Please No SSS!
I took a break from the purple sockotta since I just couldn't deal with the sticky needles ( I know it's not the needles, it's me, I love those needles) So I won't begin the second one until it cools down a bit. I have never moved on to a new pair without completely the one I am working on. I mean I have cast on more than one pair at once, just never put on completely aside. I hope I don't fall victim to the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome (SSS). Well I cast on the second sock so hopefully I will be more likely to pick it up when I can before it is long forgotten. I cannot bring myself to knit even one row with this humidity!

On to my Hedera Socks...
It is just like me to place an order with Knitpicks months ago and neither post about it or post my Stash enhancement. Well I just bought a lot of sock yarns, Essential mostly, and the two remaining colorways of Dancing, though I am really not crazy about the colors, but love cotton blends. I also bought the Classic Circs in size 0 and 1 (2.5mm)

Wouldn't you know it! I asked the rep if they were going to be bringing out any new cotton blend sock yarns and she said she didn't think so. That is why I bought the Dancing. just DAYS after placing my order, BAM! New sock yarns... and gasp cotton blends! I would have waited a few more days and placed an order for the Risata instead since I prefer the cotton. I would have ordered those in the place of the essential I think. Not that I don't like the essential. Very soft and nice to work with. I just can't see myself placing another order so soon. I am trying to be good after all. I still love Knitpicks, so this is in no way a rant against them, just my impatience lol.

Oh yeah oh yeah... the socks...
I Cast On for Knitty's Hedera Socks by Cookie A. I love this pattern and for once I don't think I modified anything. The heel was quite longer than I am used to and I was a bit skeptical, but I knit it as written and it fits well.
I used my new size 1 circs from knitpicks and had no problem with sticky needles. I LOVE THESE NEEDLES. I can't believe how flexible the cable is and the finish is so smooth! The yarn slides over it so easily.

Yarn: Knitpicks Essential in Grass
Pattern: Knitty's Hedera
Needles: Knitpicks Classic Circular size 1 (2.5mm)

This was a very easily memorized pattern. There was a moment for a few days when I had to sit in the ICU for Mr T. and it really relaxed me. It was a fast knit. Not sure exactly how long it took me. I think I might knit these again down the road if I had to.

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Charm said...

GIVE ME TOESSSSSS!!!! Stop hidding those feet show me the toes..LOL
Hey Sha Sha
I really enjoyed your web page its wonderful..I love all the pieces you have done and if you need pics of the stuff you have knitted for me and Nic...just say the word. Ohh and tell TONY.."MY SHA SHA" j/k Love you ((HUGS))-Charm